The differences between a Chiropractor, a Physical Therapist, and a Licensed Massage Therapist:

Chiropractor: The focus on the treatments of the joints particularly those of the vertebrae. These practitioners attribute pain and other health problems to misalignments(subluxations) of the vertebral joints that impinge on nerve roots. They work with the nervous system in relation to the spinal column. The muscle system is not the emphasis.

Physical Therapist: Uses physical exercise and ROM( Range of motion) movements as a means of restoring healthy function to muscles and joints. They also tend to focus on more severe conditions, such as rehabilitation following surgery, serious injury, or congenital deformities.

A Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT): Does the direct manipulation of the soft tissues. Based firmly on 3 principles:

The individual is a whole organism, everything is connected (bone, muscle, fascia, joints, posture, and how you are functioning in your body on a daily basis) and related.

Shortened muscle tissue can do no work. We are concerned with the persistently or pathologically shortened tissues or muscles, in other words, tissue or muscle that has shortened, in all likelihood for defensive or compensating reasons, is unable to work effectively and resists opposing muscles that need to be lengthened or shortened respectively.

The LMT is one who approaches persistently compromised soft tissues and attempts to restore them to pain-free functions through bodywork or massage while keeping the whole client in mind.