What Can Massage Do For You Physiologically?

Massage affords one of the effective means of influencing the function of the human body. Every function is powerfully influenced by some or all procedures.

3 Categories of Effects:

Mechanical – Tissue is passive and hands of masseur mechanically affect the tissue

  • a. Blood and lymph movement
  • b. Replacing of displaced viscera

Reflex – Reflex arcs are made within the body. Touch influences sensory nerves which carry the signal to the nerve centers which in turn send out a message to affect change in the body.

  • a. All procedures of massage produce powerful reflex effects
  • b. Stroking, percussion and vibration

Metabolic – changes in the tissue at the site of massage and in the body as a whole due to mechanical and reflex effects of massage.

  • a. Increase white blood cells
  • b. Increase nutrition to tissue